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Central Railway Continues to run Bi-Weekly Special Express For 07 More Trips between Yesvantpur- Pandharpur- Yesvantpur

In view of Dussera festival, CR has advised to continue to run Bi-weekly special trains between Yesvantpur-Pandharpur for 07 more trips in each direction.

Tatkal Special Trains for Summer festival

7 more trips between Yesvantpur – Pandharpur Bi-Weekly Express for Dussera festival

Central Railway is running Train Nos. 06541/06542 Yesvantpur-Pandharpur-Yesvantpur Bi-Weekly Express Specials with effect from 02nd March, 2015 and its currency will be lapsing from Yesvantpur end on 29th Oct. 2015 and from Pandharpur end on 30th October, 2015.In view of Dussera festival, Central Railway has advised to continue its services for 07 more trips in each direction, as per the following details.

Accordingly, Train No. 06541 Yesvantpur-Pandharpur Bi-weekly Special Express departs at Yesvantpur at 18-00 hrs. in the extended period from 02ndto23rd November, 2015(Total : 07 trips) and arrives at Pandharpur at 11-35 hrs, the next day.

En route, Bi-Weekly Express Special arrives/departs at Tumkur at 18-58/19-00 hrs; Arsikere at 20-55/21-00 hrs; Davangere at 23-40/23-43 hrs; HUBLI at 03-00/03-15 hrs; DHARWAD at 03-30/03-32 hrs; Belgaum at 05-30/05-32 hrs; Kudachi at 07-20/07-21 hrs; Miraj at 08-40/08-50 hrs; Kavathe Mahankal at 09-49/09-50 hrs; Dhalgaon at 10-04/10-05 hrs; and arrives/departs at Sangole at 10-40/10-42 hrs.

In the return direction, Train No.06542 Pandharpur-Yesvantpur Bi-Weekly Express Special departs at Pandharpur at 13-35 hrs. , in the extended period from 03rdto 24th November, 2015 (Total : 07 trips) and arrives at Yesvantpur at 06-20 hrs., the next day.

En route, Bi-Weekly Express Special arrives/departs at Sangole at 14-01/14-03 hrs.; Dhalgaon at 14-40/14-41 hrs; Kavathe Mahankal at 15-00/15-01 hrs; Miraj at 16-15/16-30 hrs; Kudachi at 17-00/17-01 hrs; Belgaum at 18-37/18-40 hrs; DHARWAD at 21-15/21-17 hrs; HUBLI at 22-00/22-10 hrs; Davangere at 00-18/00-20 hrs; Arsikere at 03-00/03-05 hrs; and arrives/departs at Tumkur at 04-43/04-45 hrs;

The Bi-Weekly Express Special has total 21 coaches, consisting of One AC First Class coach, One AC 2-tier coach, Four Ac 3-tier coaches, Ten Second Class Sleeper coaches, Two General Second Class coaches, Two Second Class luggage-cum-brake van-cum Disabled coaches and a Pantry Car.