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Western Railway Introduced 17 New Trains during the year 2016-17

Hon’ble Minister of Railways inaugurating o­ne of the new trains Mahuva- Bandra(T) which runs with state of art LHB coaches.

SCR - Introduction of New Trains

Hon’ble Minister of Railways inaugurating o­ne of the new trains Mahuva- Bandra(T)

The Railway has always been the lifeline of the people with a special commitment to improve the lives of especially those who depend o­n railways for their travel needs. The trains are run in the most congested areas to ensure maximum advantage to the masses, as well as in such remote areas where either other mode of travel would be expensive or not existing.

Shri Ravinder Bhakar, Chief Public Relations Officer, Western Railway stated in a press release that Western Railway is determined to provide better services to its valued passengers and increase its reach by running more trains. In the financial year 2016-17, till date 17 new trains have been introduced, which includes 3 Superfast trains, 6 Mail/Express, 1 Passenger and 7 DEMU trains. Destinations of 5 trains have been extended. 4427 Holiday Specials were run for the convenience of passengers. With an aim to provide more confirmed seats, 9515 additional coaches were attached to various trains o­n temporary/day-to-day basis. 29 coaches have been attached in 26 trains o­n permanent basis.

Shri Bhakar stated that Western Railway has always been driven by the needs of its passengers and hence aims at providing passengers with better comfort and enhanced travel experience. In line with this motto, 5 state-of-art LHB rakes have been introduced vice conventional rakes. During the year 2016-17 additional halts have been provided in 19 trains which have been appreciated by the passengers.

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