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VIP/Emergency Quota – Accommodation

Passengers who meet out criteria set out by Indian railway can get accommodation under emergency quota. Emergency quota in railway reservation is means to provide ticket to VIPs or other persons in case of urgency. This quota is however not available to book ticket online using IRCTC portal. Railway board or Ministry of railway also provides instructions through release of various documents for procedure to be adopted to release berth/ seats in trains under emergency quota.
The emergency quota rules are basically made for booking of seats for member of parliament or other VIP’s as per the procedure adopted by Indian Railways. The emergency quota is also for HOR (High Official Requisition holders) who want to travel in trains.
As per commercial circular of railways dated 9-02-2011 emergency quota will be released by railway authorities on different trains as per the rules. A list of all VIPs booked in train including HOR holders / members of parliament and other VIPs should be prepared and issuance of ticket under emergency quota is decided accordingly. The allotment of Emergency Quota to HOR Holders and VIPs should be strictly as per their inter-se seniority in Warrant of Precedence.
In absence of allotment to coupe, reservation under emergency quota will be made in 4 berth compartment. Clubbing of 2 HOR holders may be made in 4- berth compartment under emergency quota ticket booking.
Other passenger from general public is not allowed to get reservation under emergency quota. Anyone who is eligible for an available quota can book ticket in case non availability of accommodation under general quota.
But till yet there is no procedure to book emergency quota in trains through online mode of ticket booking i.e. through IRCTC. It means e-tickets cannot be booked under emergency quota in railway. Only ticket booked through booking offices and PRS system of railway allow booking of ticket under emergency quota.
Services offered by IRCTC are limited to extent specially in case of ticket booking under various quota.

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  1. Rajendra gautam // April 23, 2015 at 11:49 am // Reply

    Train no-19021 vip quotq is avalable

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