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Tatkal superfast bi-weekly express specials between Visakhapatnam- Krishnarajapuram- Visakhapatnam

East Coast Railway has Decided To Run Bi-weekly Tatkal Superfast Express SpecialTrains between Visakhapatnam – Krishnarajapuram – Visakhapatnam.

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Trains between Visakhapatnam – Krishnarajapuram – Visakhapatnam (Tr.Nos.02877/02878)

East coast Railway(ECOR)has decided to run BI-WEEKLY TATKAL SUPERFAST EXPRESS SPECIAL TRAINS BETWEEN VISAKHAPATNAM – KRISHNARAJAPURAM – VISAKHAPATNAM (Tr.Nos.02877/02878) for 07 SPECIALS in each direction, to clear extra rush during summer, as per the following details:-

Accordingly, Train No.02877  VISAKHAPATNAM- KRISHNARAJAPURAM  TATKAL  BI- WEEKLY TATKAL SUPERFAST EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart at VISAKHAPATNAM station at 19-00 hrs., on Saturday & Wednesdays, commencing from 06th to 27th June, 2015(Total: 07 Specials only) and arrive at KRISHNARAJAPURAM station at 14-50 hrs., on Sunday & Thursdays.

 En route, the Bi-Weekly Tatkal Superfast Express Special arrives/departs at Duvvada at 19-30/19-32 hrs; Samalkot Jn. at 21-08/21-10 hrs; Rajahmundry at 21-55/21-57 hrs; Eluru at 23-08/23-10 hrs; VIJAYAWADA at 00-45/01-00 hrs; Ongole at 02-52/02-54 hrs; Gudur at 05-50/05-52 hrs; Renigunta at 07-45/08-00 hrs; Katpadi at 10-15/10-20 hrs; and arrives/departs at Jolarpettai at 11-30/11-35 hrs.

In the return direction, Train No.02878 KRISHNARAJAPURAM-VISAKHAPATNAM BI

WEEKLY TATKAL SUPERFASTEXPRESS SPECIAL will depart at KRISHNARAJAPURAMstation at 16-30 hrs., on Sunday & Thursdays, commencing from 07th to 28th June, 2015 (Total: 07 Specials only), and arrive at VISAKHAPATNAM station at 11-30 hrs.,on Monday & Fridays.

 En route, the Tatkal BI-Weekly Superfast Express Special arrives/departs at Jolarpettai at 19-00/19-10 hrs.; Katpadi at 20-33/20-35 hrs; Renigunta at 22-55/23-10 hrs; Gudur at 00-32/00-34 hrs; Ongole at 01-00/01-02 hrs; VIJAYAWADA at 03-50/03-52 hrs; Eluru at 04-50/05-05 hrs; Rajahmundry at 06-30/06-32 hrs; Samalkot Jn. at 07-18/07-20 hrs; and arrives/departs at Duvvada at 10-58/11-00 hrs.

The Tatkal Bi-Weekly Superfast Express Special will have total 16 Coaches,consisting of One AC 2-tier coach, Four AC 3-tier coaches, Four Second Class Sleeper coaches, Five General Second Class coaches &Two Second Class luggage-cum-brake vans.

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