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Salient Features of Eastern Railway’s New Time Table 2017

In the new Time Table of ER, to be effective from 1.11. 2017, there will be new trains, extension, increase in frequency, change in terminal, timings etc.

Eastern Railway - New Time Table

ER – Journey Time of 7 Mail/Express, 58 Passenger & 12 EMU Local Trains to be reduced

In the new Time Table of Eastern Railway, to be effective from 1 November, 2017, there will be new trains, extension, increase in frequency, change in terminal, change in train timings etc.


Changes of departure timings of Mail/Express/ Passenger trains:

(a) Express trains: 12987 Sealdah – Ajmer Exp. from Sealdah at 22.55 hrs. instead of 23.05 hrs, 13009 Doon Exp. from Howrah at 20.25 hrs. instead of 20.30 hrs, 13118 Lalgola – Kolkata Exp. from Lalgola at 6.40 hrs. instead of 6.30 hrs. and 13114 Lalgola – kolkata Exp. from Lalgola at 16.20 hrs instead of 16.10 hrs.

(b) Passenger trains: A total of 9(nine) passenger trains,

Extension of trains: 63105 Sealdah-Berhampore MEMU passenger upto Lalgola,

Reduction in journey times : 7(seven) Express trains and 58 (fifty eight) passenger trains,

Change in train numbers: 6(six) Jasidih-Dumka-Jasidih passengers,

Diversion of trains:

(a)13163/13164 Sealdah-Saharsa Hatey Bazare Exp. via Purnea for two days-a-week w.e.f 5.12.2017 & 6.12.2017 from Sealdah & Saharsa respectively,

(b)12353/12354 Howrah-Lalkuan Exp via Bareilley Jn.- Bareilley city w.e.f 15.12.2017 & 16.12.2017 from Howrah & Lalkuan respectively,

(c) 12273/12274 Howrah- New Delhi Duronto Exp. via Jasidih-Patna Jn. w.e.f9.2.2018 & 10.2.2018 from Howrah & New Delhi respectively.


Introduction of trains:

(a) 4(four) EMU locals- 2(two) between Barasat & Hasnabad, 1(one) between Sonarpur & Diamond Harbour and 1(one) between Diamond Harbour & Baruipur,

(b) Regularisation of 8(Eight) EMU locals, presently running as special trains,

Extension of trains: 6(six) EMU locals,

Short teremination/origination: 2(two) EMU locals,

Change in train numbers: 3 EMU locals,

Reduction in journey time: 12(twelve) EMU locals.

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