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Northern Railways Run Festival Special E.M.U.train Between Ghaziabad And Aligarh (11 Trips In Each Direction On Daily Basis)

04436/04435 Ghaziaabd- Aligarh- Ghaziabad

To clear extra rush of rail passengers during Puja/ Dashahara/ Diwali festival season-2014, Northern Railways have decided to run festival special E.M.U. train no. 04436/04435 Ghaziaabd- Aligarh- Ghaziabad (11 trips in each direction o­n daily basis) as per the following programme:-

The 04436 Ghaziabad- Aligarh festival Special E.M.U. train will depart from Ghaziabad from 20.10.2014 to 30.10.2014 (11 trips ) at 10:35 a.m. to reach Aligarhat 12.55 ( at noon) o­n the same day. In the return direction, the 04435 Aligarh- Ghaziabad festival Special E.M.U. train will depart from Aligarh from 20.10.2014to 30.10.2014 (11 trips ) at 01.05 p.m. ( at noon) to reach Ghaziabad at 03.15 p.m.( afternoon) o­n the same day.

The 04436/04435 Ghaziabad- Aligarh.- Ghaziabad festival special e.m.u. train will stop at all stations enroute in both the directions.

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