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Free Wi-Fi now available at Vijayawada railway station

Free high-speed public Wi-Fi service powered by Google now live at Vijayawada Railway Station.

Indian Railway - Free Wi-Fi at Vijayawada Railway station

Indian Railway’s arm, RailTel, which provides Internet services as RailWire via its extensive fiber network along with Google, announced the launching on Friday free high-speed public Wi-Fi services at Vijayawada Railway Station which will benefit over 2 lakh visitors daily. With this launch, Google has successfully rolled out public Wi-Fi services across 10 key Railway Stations now, enabling access to over 1.5 million passengers every day.

Starting with the first launch at Mumbai Central earlier this year, the list of stations now offering public Wi-Fi services includes Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Bhopal, Ranchi, Raipur, Vijayawada, Kacheguda (Hyderabad), ErnakulamJn (Kochi) and Visakhapatnam. The service will be formally inaugurated by Union Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu soon.

The service built over the fiber network of RailTel is designed to offer high speed broadband experience to users. Travellers passing through these stations will now be able to easily stream a high definition video, research their destination, download a book or a new game for their journey. Google is committed to working with the Indian Railways and RailTel to deliver high-speed wi-fi network that will be available to 10 million a day by the end of the year, covering 100 of the busiest train stations.

The project will be eventually rolled out to cover 400 train stations across the country. “With the addition of Vijayawada Railway Station, the network is now live in 10 stations across the country and we are scaling up our efforts to roll out quickly to cover some smaller stations where connectivity is much more limited. As internet adoption grows in India, easy and affordable access to high-speed networks is the real need of the hour. With 100 stations live, this project will be the largest publicly accessible high speed wi-fi network in the country, but our real hope is that this project will set new benchmarks in delivering reliable and consistent connectivity in the country”, said Gulzar Azad, Head of Access Project, Google India.

Commenting on the launch, Chairman and Managing Director of Railtel R. K. Bahuguna said, “As outlined by the Minister Suresh Prabhu, modernising and improving the amenities available to passengers of Indian Railways is a big part of our focus. And we are very proud to say that Indian Railways has taken the lead to offer the best Wi-Fi network experience available to passengers today in the country. And while the service will be free for a reasonable amount of time, our long-term goal is to make this project self-sustainable.”

Source : THE HINDU