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Cancellation of Trains Due to Damage to Route Relay Interlocking Room by Fire at Itarsi Railway Station

Cancellation of Trains due to Fire at RRI in Itarsi Railway station.

SWR - Cancellation of Trains

Cancellation of Trains Due to Damage to Route Relay Interlocking Room by Fire at Itarsi

On account of damage to RRI Room (Route Relay Interlocking Room) at Itarsi railway station o­n West Central Railway due to fire recently, the following train is cancelled o­n the date mentioned below:-

I)Train Cancelled o­n 17thJuly, 2015 (Originating / Terminating from SCR):-

1)Train No.12708 H.Nizamuddin – Tirupati AP Sampark Kranti Express
2)Train No. 12719 Ajmer – Hyderabad Express
3)Train No. 12707 Tirupati – H.Nizamuddin AP Sampark Kranti Express
4)Train No. 17610 Purna – Patna Express

II)Train Cancelled o­n 16thJuly, 2015 (Passing Through SCR):-

1)Train No. 16094 Lucknow – Chennai Central Express

III) Train Cancelled o­n 17th July, 2015 (Passing  Through SCR):-

1)Train No. 12296 Patna – Bangalore Express
2)Train No. 12616 New Delhi – Chennai Central Express
3)Train No. 12511 Gorakpur – Trivandrum Central Express
4)Train No.12644 H.Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Central Express
5)Train No.12688 Dehradun – Madurai Express
6)Train No. 16032 Jammu Tawi – Chennai Central Express
7)Train No.22351 Patliputra – Yesvantpur Express
8)Train No.12615 Chennai Central – New Delhi Express
9)Train No. 12641 Kanniyakumari – H.Nizamuddin Express
10)Train No.12649 Yesvantpur – H.Nizamuddin Express
11)Train No. 16317 Kaniyakumari – Jammu Tawi Express
12)Train No. 12625 Trivandrum Central – New Delhi Express
13)Train No. 12969 Coimbatore – Jaipur Express
14)Train No. 12621 Chennai Central – New Delhi Express
15)Train No. 12627 Bangalore – New Delhi Express
Inconvenience caused to the passengers is deeply regretted.