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​​ECoR’s Women’s Welfare Organisation (ECORWWO) Provides Wi-Fi at remote Tribal/Far-flung Areas of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh & Chhattisgarh

ECoR’s policy announcement of inviting NGOs, Corporate Bodies, etc. to provide free Wi-Fi for common people at remote/tribal/far-flung areas

Free Wi-Fi for common people

Close o­n the heels of ECoR’s policy announcement of inviting NGOs, Corporate Bodies, etc. to provide free Wi-Fi for common people at remote/tribal/far-flung areas, its own Women’s Welfare Organisation, ECoRWWO, has come forward and already provided free Wi-Fi at 32 numbers of Stations in its jurisdiction.

All these Stations are small Stations and would otherwise not have qualified under present norms of providing free Wi-Fi at Stations. These Stations would have had to wait for a substantial time under normal ​​course of installation as per current norms.

The Stations where such Wi-Fi facilities have been provided are as under.

Shringavarapukota Waltair Andhra Pradesh Turekela Road Sambalpur Odisha
Araku Waltair Andhra Pradesh Lakna Sambalpur Odisha
Koraput Waltair Odisha Komakhan Sambalpur Chhattisgarh
Jeypore Waltair Odisha Nayagarh Khurda Road Odisha
Jagadalpur Waltair Chhattisgarh Porjanpur Khurda Road Odisha
Dantewada Waltair Chhattisgarh Goaldih Khurda Road Odisha
Kirandul Waltair Chhattisgarh Naranpur Khurda Road Odisha
Damanjodi Waltair Odisha Basantpur Khurda Road Odisha
Laxmipur Road Waltair Odisha Nilakantheswar Khurda Road Odisha
Muniguda Sambalpur Odisha Harichandanpur Khurda Road Odisha
Harishankar Road Sambalpur Odisha Chilikdara Khurda Road Odisha
Nawapara Road Sambalpur Odisha Sagadapata Khurda Road Odisha
Lanjigarh Road Sambalpur Odisha Tangiriapal Khurda Road Odisha
Doikalu Sambalpur Odisha Tomka Khurda Road Odisha
Bissam Cuttack Sambalpur Odisha Baghuapal Khurda Road Odisha
Muribahal Sambalpur Odisha Sukinda Road Khurda Road Odisha

Hotspots have been created at these Stations which enable people to use services like e-commerce, o­nline banking, offer them access to open School/University websites and Social Schemes, e-ticketing for Train and Bus Services.
East Coast Railway Women’s Welfare Organisation (ECoRWWO) President Smt. Madhulika Singh came forward and took the initiative to provide these Services. This is a Humble Service o­n the part of the Women’s Organisation, but is expected to help bring in a great change in the Country’s efforts towards Digital India.
It is felt that this step will empower the youths & students of these areas is a very special way. The Station area will also be used as a community utility area and enhance the goodwill of the people for Railways. It will also be a step towards promoting Digital Literacy.

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